We are working to ensure that refugees and migrants have the tools that they need to thrive in whichever way they choose.


Our residential summer programme is at the heart of this aim. In August 2018, we hosted our first five-day educational summer programme. We welcomed 25 UK-based, first generation refugees aged 14-18 to OSH, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere. In 2019, we hosted 43 participants from 14 countries.


We planned a range of activities, from workshops on identity and empowerment, to external sessions run by the Living Room Circus and Arsenal Soccer School. 


Participants are supported by a team of experienced youth leaders who, unlike teachers and other figures of authority, are able to educate in a more relatable way. Personal development is a theme that is woven throughout camp, as we blend creative workshops and one-to-one support in order to ensure that all participants get the most out of their time with OSH.


In 2018 we had two welfare officers, who advised leaders before and during camp about how to best support participants. They also ran group sessions providing information on the NHS.


Every year, we train graduates from our summer residentials to become leaders in OSH. Over the course of 4 Sundays, we offer training in leadership skills, team building, public speaking, tolerance, and empathy. The Leaders in Training will put these new skills to the test at our summer programme, with support from the leadership team. Participants come away with improved self-esteem and a toolkit of skills that will enable them to take on leadership roles within their wider communities.

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