Amos is a youth worker, activist and community organiser. He has a decade of experience working with young people, including formerly as National Director of the youth movement Noam, at the conflict resolution charity Yachad, and at Student Action for Refugees. He studied International Relations at Leeds University and has an MSc in Migration Studies from Oxford University. Amos’s commitment to supporting refugees and asylum seekers was inspired by his grandfather, who saved 3,000 people in the Kindertransport. Amos was inspired to found Our Second Home by the transformative experience he had in his youth movement, and is driven to empower and develop the next generation of leaders in migrant communities.


Alon is an experienced educator and researcher. He led a 6-month research project with Crisis Classroom, including 4 months of participatory fieldwork, investigating how non-formal educational spaces are beneftting people across Europe. Prior to this, he oversaw the Role Models Project at Sussex University, and today is a Wellbeing Practitioner at a secondary school in North London. Alon was a leader on OSH Summer Camp 2018, and has stepped up to join the core team for 2019.


After studying history at Oxford, Linnet trained and worked as a teacher, completing the Teach First Leadership Development Programme. She currently works at Macmillan Cancer Support, on a third sector graduate scheme (Gradunique). Linnet’s interest in youth movements grew from her own experience as a member and leader of Noam, and from her undergraduate research into radical youth movement history. In her free time, Linnet likes to see her friends and family, read, celebrate obscure Jewish festivals, and dance.


Working with young people is something Ella has been doing since she was 17, rooted in her experience with Noam, the Masorti Jewish Youth Movement where she discovered the magic of youth empowerment. After studying History, she came back into the world of informal education working as a movement worker for Noam 2015-16 before segueing into the world of schools and formal education as a learning mentor and careers adviser and later at Shakespeare's Globe. Currently Ella is Senior Education Officer at Step Up To Serve, where she works to promote youth social action. 


Nic is Head of Social Action and Interfaith at West London Synagogue. He has worked professionally in both education and refugee humanitarian relief. From 2009-2013 he was the Humanitarian Coordinator and then Programme Manager for the African Refugee Development Centre in Tel Aviv. He currently runs a number of direct service projects for refugees and asylum seekers in London including a Drop-in for destitute asylum seekers, language and employment support for refugees, and Community Sponsorship for a family of Syrian refugees. When not working Nic can be found playing Duplo with his four year old daughter Ruby, listening to Erykah Badu.


Alex has 8 years experience working with young people dating back to when she began volunteering with her local youth movement. As she progressed she became particularly in mental health and wellbeing, leading her to become the Head of Welfare and Inclusivity at Noam. Prior to beginning her MSc in Mental Health at KCL, Alex supported children with special needs at a secondary school in North London.


After completing a marketing and communications graduate scheme in August 2018, Rachel joined a Digital Consultancy, where she is currently working on a project in the public sector. She has been involved in numerous charitable projects, from launching a breast cancer awareness initiative at Durham University to her role as Playlist Project Coordinator at Jewish Care. As Marketing and Communications Lead for OSH, Rachel gets to combine her wish to have a positive impact on the lives of migrants and refugees with her creative curiosity. 


Guy is Chief Technology Officer at Akiva, an educational startup. His background is in informal education, as a former National Director of Noam and Project Coordinator for the 2017 Grenfell Kids Day Camp. He studied Astrophysics and Physical Chemistry at UCL, where he discovered an asteroid.


During a visit to the refugee camp in Calais in 2015, Lily felt the importance of creating small spaces for refugees to feel a bit more human. Having grown up in Noam Masorti youth movement, she was realised that this was particularly important for young people. She had the luxury of spending summers hanging out with friends and making memories and wants to be able to bring the same joy into the lives of the young people that OSH will engage with, to give them a small break from some very difficult life circumstances. She was a movement worker at Noam in 2014 and currently works for tech start up and renewable energy supplier, Octopus Energy.

Working in the ‘green’ space, Lily not only feels a responsibility to care for our planet, but for our people too.