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Alex Brookes

Alex is the Director of Development at World Jewish Relief. She has previously worked in roles across UNHCR and the British Council.

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David King

David King, born into a life of hardship, faced child trafficking at a young age. Despite the odds, he used his experiences to create a brighter future becoming an author, a publisher and a Law graduate. Advocating for the rights of survivors of trafficking and exploitation. He worked as an Immigration Caseworker at Bid, offering support and hope to refugees and asylum seekers. David recently joined Our Second Home (OSH) as a member and board of trustees, bringing his unique perspective to the organization's mission. David's unwavering commitment to justice, compassion, and equality serves as a beacon of hope for a more inclusive world. J

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Joe Grabiner-Wolfson

oe is a senior child protection social worker. He works with children and families in a Local Authority in the South East. Having grown up in a youth movement himself Joe was lucky enough to be a leader of the very first OSH summer residential, and saw first-hand its' transformative impact. Joe is also the grandchild of refugees who came to the UK as teenagers fleeing Nazi persecution in Europe.

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Nic Schlagman, Chair

Nic is Head of Social Action and Interfaith at West London Synagogue. He has worked professionally in both education and refugee humanitarian relief. From 2009-2013 he was the Humanitarian Coordinator and then Programme Manager for the African Refugee Development Centre in Tel Aviv. He currently runs a number of direct service projects for refugees and asylum seekers in London including a Drop-in for destitute asylum seeker families, a support project for queer asylum seekers, language and employment support for refugees, and Community Sponsorship for both Syrian and Ukrainian refugees. When not working Nic can be found watching Marvel cartoons with his two daughters.


Waleed Zuoriki

Waleed comes to OSH with over 20 years' experience in business development, entrepreneurial, marketing, organisation branding and communication. The last two years were full of experiences in charitable work and community service in Britain. He has worked with many NGOs in different volunteering roles towards serving the people from forced migrant backgrounds to facilitate their integration into their communities while gaining a postgraduate degree in Management from University of London.


Interested in becoming a trustee?

We are recruiting for a trustee with legal expertise to join our board. If you are interested in joining the UK's youth movement for refugees and migrants, then contact us for an informal conversation about the role.

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