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What is

Our Second Home?

There are thousands of young refugees and migrants arriving in this country every year. These young people are often isolated and lonely, living in foster care or supported accommodation, without the necessary infrastructure to develop positive social relationships or learn vital skills.

OSH exists to plug this gap. We believe that by providing the infrastructure and tools that they lack, we can tap into the potential of these individuals and help build the next generation of refugee leaders. To do this, we host residential programmes and year-round activities, creating a safe, communal space that enables us to teach leadership skills and spark ideas. 

We run 


We host residential programmes throughout the year in order to allow our participants to form deeper relationships and to become a part of the OSH family. Our residentials combine informal education and creative workshops with time to relax, unwind and have fun with new friends.

We provide

leadership training

We run a Leadership Training Programme every year, so that we can give participants the chance to step up and become leaders. Our Programme equips participants with vital leadership skills, which they can put into practice in a supported environment at our residentials.

Our Leadership Training Programme is a bespoke course, focusing on practical leadership skills, self-esteem and team building. To further up-skill our LITs we hold monthly meet-ups. These meet-ups mean that we can reconnect on a regular basis and keep up momentum between residentials.


Our ambition is that OSH will become peer-led: participants will join OSH, complete our Leadership Training Programme, lead for the first time, and inspire more participants to follow in their footsteps. 



Participant joins OSH



Returns as a leader-in-training



Embarks on OSH Training programme



Becomes a leader and inspire others to lead

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