Since 2018, we have grown from a summer residential of 25 young people to a movement of 148 young people based in London, Essex & Newcastle. We have trained and supported 23 young leaders in our certified course, and have opened up a pathway to continue to shape our movement.

Our movement focuses on three main areas of impact: identity, community & leadership. To learn more about how this works, you can see our theory of change here.

78% of participants surveyed say their confidence has improved on OSH.

OSH has welcomed 148 people from 25 nationalities on its residentials.

There have been 19 languages spoken on OSH residentials

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Marian Spiers

Youth Work Programme Manager

Over the past two summers a large number of young people from Dost have taken part in OSH's 5 day residential and learned from each other and from the volunteers who take part. The volunteers and core team are really dedicated and professional in their approach and strive to provide the best experience possible for the young people.

The OSH team have created a space where the young people feel safe, supported, stimulated and are allowed to learn and grow and feel a real sense of community and pride in their achievements.

OSH really looks at all aspects of the residential and constantly strives to grow, learn and develop based on what works or doesn’t work, as well as by enabling the young people to be involved in the development of OSH. The team make sure that there is something for everyone, regardless of their interests, their level of English or abilities, which means that everyone feels part of something that is really community-minded and works so well because of this.  

During the year between the residentials, six young people took part in the Leadership Training Programme, where they learned different skills and techniques to lead a group, plan activities and keep the other young people safe. They were then able to put these skills into practice in this year's residential.  This was a great experience for them and will, or has already, served them well in finding employment and increasing their self confidence.

All the young people who have attended the OSH residentials have really enjoyed them and have all taken something away from them. From working with the young people long term, I can see the benefits to these young people and the increase in group cohesion after taking part, which can only be a positive.  I look forward to working with OSH for a long time to come!

Leyla Williams


Project Coordinator of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality’s Unaccompanied Minors Project, and Support Worker and Communications Manager at the West London Welcome Centre for Refugees and Migrants

This year I have been sending the young refugees and asylum seekers we support at the Jewish Council for Racial Equality’s Unaccompanied Minors Project and the West London Welcome Centre for Refugees and Migrants along to Our Second Home’s residentials, and have seen a very noticeable change in the young people who have attended.


They come back from Our Second Home with tonnes of stories, new skills, and new friends – but most importantly, I have noticed that they come back happier and more confident, since the residentials put a strong emphasis on leadership skills and collective care.


The extremely positive experiences young people have with Our Second Home are invaluable for those who often have very few similar opportunities in their lives. I would highly recommend anyone working with young refugees and asylum seekers to send them on the Our Second Home residentials, for a very special experience they will remember far into the future.

Foster Carer of a Participant

H showed me a video clip from last year's residential and while he was talking about it his face lit up in a way I have not seen all year.

Leader-in-Training, Cohort 1

You amazing people make me confident. Before, really I can’t speak with anyone. … So I get confidence, I improve a lot of things like writing, speaking, about leadership, how to be responsible … I think teamwork, so all things are improving.