Our Story

As a group of former youth leaders we know how transformative it can be to grow up in a youth movement. A few years ago, we started thinking about whether our experiences could apply to the thousands of young refugees and migrants in this country, many of whom lack the community and support that is so fundamental to building a life here and, importantly, to feeling at home. 


We started working closely with charities like Dost Centre, which offer regular activities, advice and assistance to young refugees and migrants. We got to know the young people and decided to host our first OSH residential in 2018. Together we created a unique space, encouraging learning and ideas in a non-judgemental environment. 


For us this was just the beginning. We have laid the foundations of a youth movement, but we strongly believe that it is up to our participants to decide how to shape it. This has already started to happen: in 2019 seven young participants completed our Leadership Training Programme and ran our summer residential alongside other volunteers. Our ambition is that OSH will become a fully peer-led movement, one whose leaders act as role models to participants, inspiring them to lead and giving them the tools needed to thrive in their second home.


Acting with, not for.
We are all members of OSH, creating our youth movement together. 

Building leaders. 

We empower every member of OSH to take the next step in their personal journeys as leaders, giving them the tools to become role models in their communities.

Social action.

We explore positive and proactive values to address issues in the world around them. We tell stories of injustice and how people, especially young people, have led the argument against them.

Care and support.

We create a nurturing environment for every participant, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone.

Our core values are at the heart of what we do.

The value of home.

Walls and a roof may build a house, but it is the people and ideas that create a home.

Our Second Home would like to thank our partners and supporters for their generosity. 

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