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We provide

leadership training

We run a Leadership Training Programme every year, so that we can give participants the chance to step up and become leaders. Our Programme equips participants with vital leadership skills, which they can put into practice in a supported environment at our residentials.

Our Leadership Training Programme is a bespoke, AQA Certified course, focusing on practical leadership skills, self-esteem and team building. Our ambition is that OSH will become peer-led: participants will join OSH, complete our Leadership Training Programme, lead for the first time, and inspire more participants to follow in their footsteps. ​​



Participant joins OSH



Embarks on OSH Leadership Training programme




Returns as a leader-in-training



Becomes a leader and

inspires others to lead

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take part in the Leadership Training Course if I've not been a participant on OSH before? Yes! Our leadership training is for for any young person with lived experience of seeking asylum. If you'd like to volunteer with us but don't have lived experience of seeking asylum, head to our 'Get Involved' page to find out more

Where does Leadership Training take place? Leadership training happens in London but we also train young people from our Bristol hub too - we cover the cost of their transportation to come and join us for training!

How long will it take me to train as a leader? We break our leadership training into 4 days that we spread out over a couple of weeks

What happens once I've finished the course? You'll be able to lead activities at our Hubs or on residentials! As a leader you'll be responsible for coming up with activity ideas, running activities or supporting other leaders in running activities and making sure that all participants feel welcome!

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